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VBA bago

VBA Bago is a bright chestnut gelding whose mother, VBA Jill was caught from the Bago State Forest in July 2017. Jills daughter, VBA Camira was also caught with them and gave birth to VBA Avena, so Bagos ‘niece’ Avena is also in the Australian Brumby Challenge!

VBA Bago's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Holley Pickin.

Weekly Training Updates

Follow Holley and VBA Bago on their journey!

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Holley pickin

Aged 16, from Mt. Gambier, South Australia

As a child, I did not have the opportunity to ride horses, due to being from a non-horsey family. I took my first lesson when I was 10. When I got my first horse, I ran into natural horsemanship to help overcome some difficulties I had with my horse. Since then, I have had the privelidge to work with young and difficult horses and this is where my passion lies.