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Well what a weekend! Percy turned many heads and created a lot of discussion and interest in his development. The rides were great. Percy was actually the reliable pony who stayed back with the beginner riders, while others took off ahead. He mastered everything I asked of him and more.

A young camper with us Brodie Halliday showed much interest in Percy… and with my encouragement, she learnt to join up to Percy, and read body language. Percy is great for this as he’s very wary of new people, so he makes this learning easy. He settled into Brodie working with him, and then she rode him. The yard was surrounded by onlookers, so it was really his time to shine, and he did. Others took the opportunity to work with Percy, so for Percy he not only taught some people how to read him, but also chilled a little with strangers. He took the three-day camp in his stride. Home again to a few days off… 

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