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Join Ivan and VBA Percy on their journey !

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week 20


Well whatever clicked for Percy on the weekend away had continued. He’s much more accepting of strangers, even if he’s uncaught. He’s generally just more relaxed, quieter and seems content. He still tenses up, but seems only to be his neck, and he soon relaxes. This week has seen a second attempt, and success at the vet/ dentist. He did require some sedation, but he cooperated. His teeth were clean bill of health, great bite, and solid formation. He has also enjoyed, and I mean enjoyed… his first proper bath. He sucks the water from the hose, allows his face to be hosed and washed, tail, rear, was a little unsure of the water up under his belly toward his sheath, but coped. He is all fitted for rugs, looks very fancy now. His riding continues to be smooth, and progressive with education. Overall, I’m happiest with him settling on the ground with others around. He’s kicking goals now – just needed time.