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Join Ivan and VBA Percy on their journey !

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week 20


Strength to strength… it’s a shame I can’t add more photos. This week youth trainer Arden Lee has stepped up and popped on Percy. With ease she walked, trotted, cantered then proceeded to show jump. The following night, she took off around our cross country course, clearing 44 gallon drums, creek banks….. he was so calm, honest and overall quite stylish. She has decided to take him to pony club this Sunday – and I have no doubt he’ll kick goals.Of huge interest is his paddock behaviour – this week has seen him join the list of regular domestic horses who worship the bucket… for the very first time, he meets at the gate and shepherds me to try to access the feed before its placed in his feeder. While this is often an annoying habit of domestic horses, Percy has never shown this level of self-confidence, or relaxation to think of his stomach first. I’m amazed. He hasn’t snorted or even stepped back from any of us coming and going in and around him. 10 days to go – we are ready!