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Well its here – such a long journey but worth it.

If you had asked me half way through – will this horse be at Equitana, I’d have said “maybe”.

If you asked me 5 weeks ago would he be suitable for a child? I’d have said “NO”.

However, Percy has made it, on his terms and with much patience and nurturing. Somewhere inside his make-up, he decided he’d extend his circle of trust outside of me, and so far, it has no boundaries.

The calm, steady growth he has shown since this time is incredible. He’s so relaxed, and just so willing to please. He has always been a willing mount through the breaking as far as to try new obstacles, and challenges but this new level of willingness is as a partner, not as a mount. It feels different. It looks different. Percy LOOKS content. And he’s really ok to work for whoever. His guard to protect himself has lowered to let other people in, including kids. His rides are the same for each rider on him. He has had two opportunities where gear malfunctioned and things could have gone pear shaped, neither his fault, and he just stopped. Didn’t panic. Didn’t give reactions to spoil the confidence in the young rider. Just stood.

I’ve broken three domestic horses in the time I’ve broken Percy. Each were turned out after their time here, but none have shown the growth mentally that Percy has. I realise they each didn’t start from Percy’s position, however while they are each settled, establishing their education and as safe as a green horse can be, Percy’s “head” is superior. I truly have learnt through him a new understanding to starting horses. Percy is a safe willing pony, can be quick on his feet if asked. Can halt on voice command. Has a soft mouth, great response to leg aide. Lovely soft canter. Shows lengthening in trot, which would be established with greater effect with more time. He’ll take contact, or a loose rein. Has NEVER bolted, grabbed the bit etc. Needs pole work to finesse his jumping, however he jumps really well. Works with both a bitted bridle or a bosal. He’s showing nil preference to either.

He’s off to Bealiba open show jumping with youth Trainer Arden Lee this Sunday!!! Doing 45cm, x5 rounds – a great opportunity for Percy, and for Arden to show case him as a pony suitable for pony club. He went to Heathcote Agricultural show on Cup day – took it all in his stride.

This pony, VBA Percy would be a great asset to any family.

Thanx to the VBA for entrusting me this brumby. Its been a big journey, one I’m sure to take with me into my future.