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Considerable week this week. Percy feeling better.

Roller has been on and off, he doesn’t enjoy the tightening of the girth – bucks like a bronc, pulls back, spins, double barrels back legs and he’s off!

I have been able to pick up two front feet, won’t allow backs still.

Leading well, however when out of his known spaces, he initially was head down taking off, skiing me behind him, now he’s more relaxed.

Tying up really well.

Still incredibly nervous, still snorts, and has reverted back to depositing his manure in his herd “stallion” role around the yard. We had a reporter come this week and wanted pics with both Brumbies being led by Arden and I up the paddock. New issue noticed for Percy, he was incredibly uncomfortable having Arden near him leading her Brumby, next he had a difficult time accepting the reporter who wanted to pat him – snorting backing up, placing himself in a safe zone behind my back, where instantly he’d relax and rest back foot and chew.

I hope to be on him soon, but I need to be mindful of just how fragile his confidence is. He’s a wild horse through and through. 

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