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Join Ivan and VBA Percy on their journey !

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week 20


This week Percy has shown growth.

We have worked on flexion and mouthing which he’s responded to well. This will set him up for future long reining in days to come.

We have also established lunging both reins, with my voice command to woo really paying off from free rein join up - to now on lunge.

Percy now shows very little fear venturing out of his comfort zone (the paddock) and seems much more relaxed to be led around various parts of the property – he hangs out with me while I feed duck, dog, other horses – he just follows along.

Percy has allowed me to sit on him again, we are now taking few steps forward. He seems quite unsure of my legs dangling down on side of his body, and looks back at them often, taking in a big sniff of this oddity. His experience with girth tightening is now no big deal. He’s also showing more comfort in standing side on to what ever is happening rather than feeling he needs to face up and give his full attention.

Just booked in for dentist. Ill be keen to know what’s the status in his mouth.