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Jack Purcell

Ridden Section:  Non-Professional Trainer

Aged just 16 years old, Jack spends all his time when he isn’t at school outside watching, riding and training horses. Jack has learnt to watch horses to learn to understand their behaviour and read their signs. His training philosophy is to join up with horses to build their confidence in both themselves and him as their trainer and to develop a bond. Jack finds that with this beginning, horses have a great attitude to learning.

Jack enjoys riding competitively in rodeos and roping competitions. He has also learnt a great deal through working with his mother at their families TJ Ranch and looks forward to giving a Brumby a great chance to be educated and go on a find a new home.

You can follow Jack and the Brumby he is training on Facebook at TJ Ranch Equine Education.

Weekly Training Updates

Join Jack and Hotham on their journey !

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VBA Hotham

VBA Hotham is a four year old brown gelding who was caught with his family mob from the Bogong High Plains regions of the Alpine National Park in Victoria in winter, 2014. Hotham was gelded and turned out into a large paddock at our Brumby Junction sanctuary to get used to life on a farm. Hotham's trainer in the Australian Brumby Challenge is Jack Purcell.