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Jack and Hotham – Week 12

 Hi everyone Clancy has had a big week , I decided he was ready to hit the streets & we went on a trail ride through our local town of Howlong. Clancy walks out really fast big horses were trotting to keep up he was very confident looking at a few things but no shying , we were with 5 other horses . We ended up riding down to the river & the back water had flooded the tracks so we just decided to keep riding the water was half way up my legs as his only 13 h but he was besides one of mums horse & he powered through it needless to say he doesn't worry about water any more. We went into town twice this week very happy with his progress.

We have changed up our challenge course and introduced Clancy to gym balls & carry a flag .He appears to be loving his Hygain feed Balanced he doesn't waste anytime smashing it down. We have started him on a supplement called "show condition " , which was recommended by one of our sponsors Open Nutrition & it is packed with vitamins & helps speedy muscle recovery after work.

My mum Shelley has started doing muscle work & Equine Reikki on him also we want to look after all aspects of Clancys wellbeing thanks Jack ..

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