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Jack and Hotham – Week 16

 Well it's been flooding up here so Clance got 4 days off . He got microchipped last week so he was a bit sore in the neck for a few days so probably  worked out ok that it was raining. He was s bit touchy on the neck for a couple of days after he was micro chipped .He has now joined our herd of lesson horses at TJ Ranch & runs with a group of 8 other horses mixture of older horses & mates & geldings . He has mated up with a big grey mare called Delta . When I drive out on the four wheeler Clancey comes up & lets me catch him , he leads well of the bike .

We have had a few more short trips in the float with Clancy standing nicely on there for an hour well we were at the mechanics . His riding was a few short trail rides & balance work in the arena .

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