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Jennifer Renouf

Yearling Section: Non-Professional Trainer

Jenny was first introduced to Brumbies in 2007, when she met her first Brumby, Aurora.  She touched Jennys heart and since then she has been on an incredible horsemanship journey to learn as much as she can, helping horses out more in their interactions with us humans!

It is Jennys goal to gain a connection with the horses she works with, so they feel confident and safe in our environment.

Jenny could never really have imagined the connection she would share with Aurora or her understanding for all her (now five!) Brumbies before she began her horsemanship quest. She now has a new perspective on the compassion she feels for them and the communication she can share whenever a new Brumby comes to her. The realisation she doesn’t have to teach them anything - just listen, aim to have a conversation showing they can trust her; ‘don’t be fearful, I can be a good leader for you’. They respond with so much heart and trust when you get it right!

It is important to Jenny to teach these little horses how to survive in our domestic world, while developing their thought processes rather than instinct. With a long term goal to have a relaxed, soft and willing partner.

Jenny is delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate what amazing horses these Brumbies are. She feels that the Australian Brumby Challenge will teach her a lot about her own horsemanship and she is looking forward to the journey ahead.

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Join Jennifer and Jack on their journey !

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VBA Jack

VBA Jack is a rising yearling gelding who was conceived in the wild and born here at our Brumby Junction sanctuary after his mother, VBA Graces capture. Jack grew up in a wild herd here and was weaned a month before the Australian Brumby Challenge commenced. Grace and Jack originate from the Long Plain region of the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. Grace has been returned to our paddocks to build up her strength and continue to get used to domestic life, while young Jack will be trained by Jenny Renouf in the Australian Brumby Challenge Yearling division.