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Jennifer and Jack - Week 1

Firstly I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Challenge. Jack is adorable!

I didn’t have any huge expectations going into this week, I wanted to see Jack settled and relaxed in his environment, and my aim was to make a connection with him and hopefully a touch on his nose. If I could connect with his heart and desire now everything will be that much easier moving forward. I believe that taking my time now will be more than paid back to me later.

He travelled home from Brumby Junction very comfortably, so comfortable in fact that he was more than happy to stay in the float eating hay when we got back to his new yard. What a great place to find comfort! So I left him there until he was finally enticed by the green grass waiting for him outside.

I have been super pleased with Jacks' progress this week. As I’ve been ‘working’ with him in his yard everything I’ve been doing I’m encouraging lateral softness, trying not to do anything which will cause brace. These guys are so prone to brace up and get tight and I can testify how hard it is to remove that once they start their riding career! Beginning his education well now will help develop good muscle memory for his future education as a riding horse.

I used lots of advance and retreat and releasing on his try and it paid off big time. We finished the week with rubbing Jack on the nose and he even sought out my hand for a rub, which nearly blew me away. Yesterday we had the biggest release of tension; he stood for nearly 5 minutes at the end yawning, blinking and head shaking, and loads of licking and chewing. (Quiet happy dance by me J)

Jack whinnies out to me coming and going, probably because I’m the bringer of food, but I like to think he enjoys my company too!

Next week our goal is to see how far I can rub him all over and introduce him to my horseman's string.

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