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Jennifer and Jack – Week 10

This week was all about new experiences and Jack was just awesome. He took everything in his stride and is becoming quite the confident young boy!

We had two float outings this week. The first was to our local Equestrian Centre, where we went exploring, checking out the new environment. He met the gator whizzing around the corner of the stables with just a passing glance, finding the grass far too tempting to be too worried! We spent some time hanging out in the stable complex, where Jack was quite happy to stand and be loved and we also spent some time on the indoor arena, totally unphased by the experience.

Our second adventure was out to Elcho Park with wide-open spaces, and experiencing spending the day in a yard next to other horses while we had a Quantum Savvy lesson day. He stole everyone’s heart and totally enjoyed hanging out with us and the other horses. We mixed up the day with a working session, auditing lessons where he had a lie down and roll, and being in the yard – again another great opportunity for a lie down!

I no longer need the neck rope before haltering Jack; in fact I don’t even need the halter for rugging or unrugging. He happily stands still; I just bribe him with a bit of a scratch first!

Our working sessions this week have focused on Jack being freer in his movement as he is still quite tight in his shoulders. I’ve been running him through our Impulsion Program, which we use for ridden horses, obviously working on the ground work section of the program, increasing his confidence further out on the lead rope and helping him to develop his lateral softness. This makes him much easier to handle as a youngster and will develop positive muscle growth for down the track.

The question I’m being asked at the moment is ‘how am I going to give him up?’  Which I wish I wouldn’t get asked, as I’d rather not think about it just yet! Driving away from Equitana without him is going to be difficult!



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