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Jennifer and Jack – Week 11

We are now just over half way to EQUITANA and Jack is going very well. I am very thankful to spending a lot of our time on getting his halter training to such a high level. Now the weather is warming up and spring is here he is becoming quite the energetic little gelding and he is a lot of fun to have around.

We continued to challenge his comfort zones and really work on boosting his confidence. I love the program we are following are he is starting to really show me some soft feel in our tasks – pretty impressive with a halter and lead rope!

As well as working here at home, he came to a Practice Day I attended at Elcho Park, where he was more than happy to explore the cross country course and say hi to the people we met along the way.

This coming week we will continue to explore some tasks on the end of our 22” rope, improving our impulsion and aiming for softness. We are also off to Rochester next weekend for his first show so I will spend some time making him look the part.



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