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Jennifer and Jack – Week 12

I am so impressed with how engaged Jack is with everything we do. The amount of try in this little horse is pretty special, but in saying that it is a trait I find in the Brumbies over and over again.

 This week the show never eventuated due to the huge amount of rain SW Victoria received but there will be another show on another day. My float is nearly floating in the lake that it is parked in so no floating practice for us this week either.

I’m being very mindful of what our sessions involve as he is so young, normally he would be back in the herd by now just being a horse. They are being kept short and I aim to keep them fun and interesting for him. I’m finding it a great way to improve his skills in a creative environment. Again we’ve been working on our lateral softness, watching out for those shoulders dropping in as he questions my leadership and keeping his hind quarters engaged. He has the potential to be quite bossy if I let him get away with anything.

Spring is definitely in the air, he has found a new love in Pia whom he was quite impressed with and was strutting his stuff in the paddock when I had her out for a session, which was very amusing. 



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