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Jennifer and Jack – Week 16

After a bit of a break it was good to get stuck back into hanging out with Jack again. He was a little reluctant to being caught for the first couple of days, but we spent some time going for walks, looking for dry ground (challenging at the best!) and finding the good deal in being haltered. It didn’t take long for him to be standing quietly again to be haltered.

We had some firsts this week. We finally had some good weather, so Jack had his first shampoo and full hose, which he behaved really well for but I’m sure he was not impressed!

We worked on putting extra layers to his float loading. The first day was one of some quite high-level discussions and acrobatics so we focussed on his forward and finding comfort in the float rather than going from pressure and the second day he was loading within minutes. Now he is loading at a trot on the end of the lead rope.

We did have a bit of drama where my horses got into his paddock while I wasn’t home, and I came home to find him quietly standing but stuck in my fence. He was perfect, and waited for me to get my horses away before then freeing him from his predicament.

The week finished with a visit from the farrier. It was Jacks’ first time having his feet trimmed by someone other than me and I couldn’t be happier. We even finished with having his hooves buffed with the electric buffer! He was as cool as a cucumber and happy to check out what Wayne was doing without moving his feet. Please check out Jacks facebook page for a video we made at the time. (facebook.com/vbajack)

Next week we have some outings planned and we will be off to the Geelong Royal Show for his first big day out.



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