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Jennifer and Jack – Week 17

Has it really been 126 days since pick up day? Time is flying by!

I am so impressed with how well Jack is going. We had some big days this week and he was just a super star!

Firstly, we went out on an excursion to a drier place so we could get some decent learning without bogging around in the mud! Well of course he loaded beautifully with Aurora and off we went to Burong. While we were there he needed to be tied, so I figured this was going to be good practice. I do not teach my horses to tie up - ever. Through the Quantum Savvy program our horses are taught to follow the feel of the rope or halter, their confidence levels are built and they are taught to think their way through situations, something I know is still an unusual concept to most people. So he tied next to Aurora as I figured if he did get stressed he could draw on both her confidence and my own if he needed it. I really needn’t have worried. In the time we were there, oh which was inside a stable block too..we had heavy rain, hail and wind, then we had the ride on mower and whipper snipper working outside when the weather behaved. Amongst that mix we had a Ninja cat that just kept appearing under their feet and some very friendly dogs coming by wanting to say hello.

I came and went several times as I didn’t want him relying on me being there and again he was fine. When he did get to the end of his lead rope a couple of times he didn’t panic and he was able to come off the pressure.

He also spent some time hanging in a stable while I was in the arena with Aurora and after calling out once or twice he soon settled to munch on hay while we were busy. As he is going to be spending so much of his time stabled at EQUITANA it is really important he is comfortable in this situation.

All in all, we had a terrific day, we got to practice some stuff and Jack now has a couple of new fans. Another ambassadorial moment for Brumbies everywhere!

Of course we finished the week with our day at the Geelong Royal Show, and naturally Jack took it all in his stride, as I find Brumbies usually do! He was totally chilled out, spent time tied to the float while we prepped and then was happy to hang and graze while we waited for our class, so chilled in fact that we had to prevent him from lying down for a snooze! We did bring home a ribbon and lots of positive comments from the judges about Jacks’ movement - which is always a bonus. It was really nice to see a good turn out for the Brumbies this year and even caught up with Blair and Kai, who are also participating in the Challenge.

Really haven’t planned this next week yet, but we’ll look for some new things to do, I’ve got a Workshop next weekend so I’ll take Jack with me and he can have a camp out with Jett.


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