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Jennifer and Jack – Week 18

So totally over all this rain we are having! I’ve been treating Jacks’ heels as he’s had a bit of the start of Greasy Heel but we got onto it early so no great issues there. Just wish the ground would dry out for all of us!

We’ve been revisiting things this week, making sure I’ve covered all the elements I’ll need for the Challenge and we’ve started thinking about our freestyle. The biggest hurdle will be keeping it at 3 minutes!

At the end of the week we headed off to Elcho Park for a camp over while I ran a Quantum Savvy Workshop. He floated with Jett this time so he was a little unsure for a few moments, as he normally travels with Aurora but he still travelled well. It was a cold and wet weekend but Jack was more than happy hanging out in the yards and we did get a chance to explore the grounds for a practice session. Jack did entertain us at one point when he surprised himself rolling under the rails and standing up to find himself outside of his yard. We put him away with out any more fuss. The weekend finished up early due to such poor weather conditions but I couldn’t be happier with how adaptable Jack is to his surroundings, being quite happy to be left in the yard while the other horses were out of view for the clinic.

The last few weeks have really just been about getting Jack out exposing him to as many different situations as I can. While I can't expect to desensitize him to everything I can do my best to ensuring he experiences lots of things and gains as much confidence as possible. Then, when he does have something new around him he will be confident enough to handle the situation. 

I can also improve his confidence at home while we are working online. Being clear in what I'm asking, ensuring he maintains personal space boundaries and he gets release for trying. All these things go towards having a confident healthy happy pony!

The weather forecast is looking good for this upcoming week, I hope we will be able to enjoy some dry weather to play in. We will start working on our freestyle routine and I’ll just keep making sure Jack isn’t getting bored and is staying engaged with our tasks. Softness and lateral flexion will be key to our practice so some dry footing would be really helpful!


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