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Jennifer and Jack – Week 19

Earlier this week we started desensitizing Jack to my hands in and around his mouth in preparation for his next worming and we also desensitized him to the fly veil.

We went down to Burong again this week to be greeted by a stable full of Arab Stallions and Mares which I thought may have been interesting but Jack was not at all concerned. A bit more exposure to something new J

Since Jack’s new human will get a copy of our updates, I thought it could be handy to share what I'm looking for online in our ground work sessions:

Nice straight and square back ups, no spinning out the hind
Sends on the circle - depart with the direct rein leg first, this causes Jack to use his hind and stops him falling in and loading up his front end.
I work on staying behind his drive line, working the pocket behind his shoulder which promotes lateral flexion, I don't want to see ribs poking at me. Comfort is on the circle so when he is doing the right thing he gets left alone. 
Disengagement of his hind on his spiral in and no diving in on his front, good lateral movement and Impulsion into the stop.
No pulling him up in our transitions, he needs to transition from his hind first, no braced transitions up or down, keeping lateral softness.
Impulsion in our barrel jumps at the trot, uses hind in his depart and I'm looking for the correct lead split when he lands. Again no poking his ribs at me over the barrels -that would mean we've lost our lateral softness. Jumps over the barrels are to comfort, the release is in the jump. This is the set up for our canter transitions under saddle later on so it's important to get it right. 
Rebounds after the jump causes Jack to use his hind, and builds strength, I keep this task to a minimum at this age as it's quite high level. Also promotes a comfort spot on the other side of the jump.
Most importantly reward even the smallest try in everything you do! We want to develop lots of try in our horses :)

On Friday Jack got a bit sweaty during some high level discussions. He had started pushing through my phases and not taking the offer when I ask things of him, it's been very subtle and I have to admit I've been working around it a bit hoping it would improve but today we just had to hit it face on as it was starting to effect our sessions. Not only that but later on it will lead to Jack locking up in his hind, and bracing through his shoulders which can create a dangerous situation under saddle! Today was a hard session but tomorrow will tell me how effective I've been today.

Another couple of sessions since Friday and Jack is progressing and we are getting on top of our space invading issues.

This coming week we will work on getting more flow in our ground work and putting together something for our freestyle, and I’ll have to find something new to desensitize him too J

To keep up to date with what we are doing plus extra photos and videos, follow Jack on his facebook page www.facebook/VBAJack


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