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Jennifer and Jack – Week 20

So, I wormed Jack with a paste earlier this week much to his disgust but he didn’t make too much fuss, and I continued desensitising around his mouth later in the week and I think he has forgiven me!

We did some ponying around the arena and I do hope to have the chance later this week to get him out for a bit for something different.

I’ve spent a lot of this week just improving our online work, making sure he is not blowing out anywhere and working on his self-carriage. We’ve done a bit of work on the 22’ and 50’ ropes, as well as working on canter transitions. I’m finding he still is reluctant to move laterally to the right as early on we got a habit of escaping through my phases when he got a fright, but it’s getting much better and he has certainly taught me a bit more about feel and timing. The most important thing for Jack (or any horse actually!) is to not get cross or emotional with him when he does the wrong thing, rather just slow the task down and ask again.

Even though his float loading is excellent we put a few more layers on it this week. I want to make sure its solid for his new human, and because I have an angle float I’ve been focusing on making sure he backs out rather than turns around so if he’s in a straight load he’ll know what to do and most importantly wont rush out. You’ll notice in this weeks photo I’ve gone back to the neck rope for the loading. This just makes sure nothing is hiding in the contact from the halter, he has plenty of options and if he was at all worried it would show and I’d be able to help him out and work through it.

I still need to organize my routine for our freestyle but I’ve got all the elements there!

Our main challenge at the moment is my fencing! A lot of my fencing is temporary electric tape due to our property development so unfortunately being the clever cookie he is, he’s worked out how to tell if its on or not, and has no problem walking through it when its not turned on, so for that I apologise to his new person!

This upcoming weekend we are heading to Ballarat to hopefully join some of the other ABC Brumbies for the Ballarat Show in the Brumby Classes, and maybe by then I will have my routine worked out for EQUITANA too!

Oh…. and I am still hoping for his foal coat to come out!

Make sure you check out Jack’s facebook page for videos and extra photo updates during the week: www.facebook/vbajack.com

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