Jennifer and Jack – Week 21

This will be my very last update with the little man and Colleen has asked us to reflect on our time together. 

It's time for Jack to go out and find his place in a herd now. He is confident and he has good muscle development and movement, which will give him a good start for his riding life, he just needs to grow now. He has come such a long way in the last few months, I couldn't be prouder of him and he is very handsome! He has matured so much, even in just the last couple of weeks. He has gone from calling out when he sees me and hanging in the backyard to spending most of his daytime exploring and grazing in our little pine forest, happy to not come in. He's become quite coltish in his behavior, constantly testing his boundaries, checking out what he can get away with, who he can yield. Rather than get cross with him, I generally ignore his behavior, ensure he's not crossing my personal space boundaries and redirect his energy in a more positive direction. I personally really enjoy having a horse that's always thinking and asking questions. I like his fun and spunky nature and would continue to ensure I allow him room to develop his personality. The last thing I want is to have a horse shut down and become fearful of getting in trouble for doing the wrong thing. It's a sure way to knock all the try out of your horse for later.

The Challenge has been such an amazing experience and a great time of growth for me as a horsewoman. To continually ask new questions, question my emotional intelligence and expanding my knowledge of when to move forward and progress and when to spend a bit more time on a task, which I've discovered isn't very often. So often it's advancing on a task that makes a skill improve. 

I have really enjoyed our time together and will definitely miss not having him around but I look forward to seeing his future with his new family. My horses are in desperate need of having some time spent with them so summer will bring a lot more training and riding.

Jack is having a break this week, before we head to EQUITANA. It’s going to be a very exciting week and I look forward to sharing my experiences and Jack with everyone we meet.

Thanks again to Tania Bartlett from Off Leash Photography for this week’s photo.


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