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Jennifer and Jack – Week 5

I cant believe its been 35 days already!

Early on this week I did get a bit caught up with how other trainers were progressing and did question whether I was doing the right thing however I do want to be true to my principles and what I feel is right for Jack.

In saying that however we are still progressing. Jack has begun leading with the halter around his neck. This teaches him feel without the chance I’ll be pulling on his head, giving him good experiences for his future as a riding horse.

I can approach him in the paddock, rub him all over and pick up and rub all his feet. We have also been working on backwards from his nose and chest, forequarter yields and hindquarter yields all without a lead rope and halter with Jack offering me lightness more often than not.

I’m teaching him to lead from alongside his shoulder. This way I’m at his driveline, this gives him confidence and will encourage Jack to move with flex through his barrel and from behind rather than on his forehand. This week we’ve been exploring his paddock with the leading practice, next week we will begin to venture out of the paddock and introduce some interesting obstacles for him to play around with. Meanwhile continuing to aim for lightness and softness with everything we do.

Please check out Jack on his facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/VBAJack/ for all our most recent photos and updates.

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