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Jennifer and Jack – Week 6

This week we spent time consolidating our basic skills and continued with our halter training. I love how in tuned he is to my intent, we had some really nice transitions, getting him to follow my feel and body suggestions.

I’ve been able to get direction changes with Jack following my feel and he's travelling forward relaxed. This all helps use positive muscles and will create a calm soft horse for his first rides later on down the track. The neck rope gets me to work my position rather than my phases, and once this is good I can go to the halter without putting brace in my horse.

We have some leadership discussions if my focus is off as I would expect with a young horse but these will continue to improve with consistent sessions. 

I’m going to give him a break for the next week, as normally I’d put my own horses out now at this stage and bring them back in prior to their first rides. 

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