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Jennifer and Jack – Week 8

I think we are nearly thru all the hard stuff! This week has all been about Jack accepting the halter to finish off his halter training. I found that even after desensitizing him to the actually halter we still had a bit of work to do for Jack to accept it across his nose. Plus his near side - which is the side we'd halter our horses is his 'scarey' side. So we spent the first half the week putting the halter on and off without it meaning anything, as my aim was to be able to keep his flex and softness while the halter went on. We aren't quite there yet but it's improving everyday. The second half of the week we've spent continuing his leading with confidence in the halter. We spent time exploring outside the paddock, and just hanging out. We also had a session with the bareback pad in preparation for his future saddle start, which he handled like a pro! He's picking up his feet with ease, so this week I should be able to trim them. 

I feel like we are in the home stretch with his training now. This week hopefully the weather will be kind enough that I can bath him and put a rug on him, so we can start working on cleaning that wooly foal coat he has. We'll also start expanding on his basics, working on a longer rope, obstacles and some float training. Then we can start going out and about.  

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