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Jennifer and Jack – Week 9

This last week has been pretty cruisy for Jack. He’s has spent the week just like any domestic horse. We’ve spent some time float loading, with 3 10 minutes sessions and he’s good to go! I’m really looking forward to taking him out off the property for some new adventures.

Jack is able to spend his days now out in the paddock and I just bring him in for the evening which I’m sure he is very pleased about.

We’ve done trail walks around the property and spent lots of time hanging out grazing. The trail walks are a great way to keep Jack interested, building our relationship and will help with his forward later on when it come time for those important first rides.

He now has a rug on, although a little ill fitting, but at least we can start to control the mud in his coat now. The only battle I have now is getting his tail washed to remove the dreadlocks but it’s just been a bit too cold to introduce a hose and I want it to be a pleasant experience.

I’ve also spent some time this week getting him used to having his feet trimmed. We are now at the stage where I can go out in the paddock and with the lead rope on the ground he will stand quietly for me to do his feet. I find this exceptionally handy with my own horses when I am time poor and need to get their feet trimmed. The next step is for my farrier to come out and handle his feet just so he is prepared for his new home.

This next week we will start going out. I plan on taking him to my local Equestrian Centre for some time indoors and on the arena and we’ll also take a couple of trips to Elcho Park so we can take advantage of the wide open spaces. I have lessons organised there for Friday so it will also be a fantastic opportunity for Jack to meet other people and horses.



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