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week 20

We have been productive this week. Aussie can now long rein in the paddock around trees and water troughs.

      Sunday we went for a walk down to the Midland Hwy and picked grass beside it. The aim being to get him use to increased traffic so we can long rein down it later.  It would have been about 2 ½ km each way. He wore his bridle and reins but was led by lead. We worked on him being brave enough to lead me. On the way down  we achieved me walking at his wither arm draped him. This progressed to stopping and turning him with the reins while walking at his wither. After stopping for a pick and taking photos we set off home. I never let a horse trot or rush home however I did take advantage of his forward movement. I walked at his rump and steered, half halted and stopped him from there for the first half of the way home.

     Monday he long reined in the yard and lane way. He took a few goes to understand that turning didn't mean 180 degrees so I could pat his head. When he stopped over thinking and listened properly we ended up calmly long reining with his head about a foot off the ground.

       Aussie is a smart and sensitive boy so although somethings need to be done daily (approaching with a whip, feet, brushing), with big things it is best to let him think on it for a while. Given this it was Friday before we long reined  again. I tried long reining in the backyard but the grass was to tempting, so we went into a holding paddock.  He was  really good and was s bending through the trees and scary cement water trough in no time. I always use trees to aid in turning training. They are an immovable object that horses understand.

       Aussie achieved exactly what we set out to do this week. Next week we need to work on not only more long reining but also riding prep. It will be a while before we ride but when we do he will know what is expected.

      Thanks for your time

        Aussie and Jenny.