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      This week Aussie met some new friends. He was introduced to my waler gelding and a yearling filly. It was interesting to see how he reacted. He tried to tell them he was big and tough but it didn't take long for him to prove he is really a sooky boy. Although they got on ok he keep coming back to the yard to find me.

     On Saturday we went for a wonder up the top paddock, met some horses over the fence and discovered that he likes to jump logs. He trots freely on the lead and likes the open paddock.

      During the last 2 weeks we have lunged a few times and can now calmly trot in lunge.

      We worked on him being use to me being above him. Using an upside down  water trough he was introduced to me climbing up and down. We progressed to jumping while on it and jumping on/off it. Then we worked on leaning on him. When I do this just having him stand still for me is not good enough, I need him to be comfortable and calm. When this was achieved I let him think about it till the next day or so.

      Because Aussie is a sensitive skinned chestnut,  while picking or walking around I've taught him to walk on when I put pressure behind his girth with my hand. I used this to help with his approach to what I was standing on.

       He's  retention is great, and when we long reined on Friday he was  good enough to take down the road.

       Next week to work more laying over him, and continue with the basic stuff.

        Thanks for your time

          Aussie and Jenny. 

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