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     This week has been hectic. I have had to work extra hours so we have mainly worked on improving what he knows.

     He now ties up to anything and happily stands while I wander here and there. Picks his feet up well. Calmly walks away a few steps and then turns and walks to me when I approach with a whip. This last one is big as , although it shows slight avoidance, it also shows trust and it DOESN'T show stress. Major improvement. I have started leaving him out when I work late and he walks straight to me, in the dark, when I bring him in.

     He has learnt 3 new things this week.

How to trot with me as apposed to behind me. Aussie looks to me for confidence and at this point in his training he needs to start trusting himself. Learning to lead rather then follow is a big step in this.
I have progressed to lying across his back and, by putting pressure on his girth and asking him to walk on, we have managed a few steps forward.
Meeting new people. So far apart from me only my husband has touched him and only I have handled him. On Wednesday some friends dropped in. V.B.A. Avenas' trainer Elizabeth Grant and her family. For the first time Aussie met a group of people, 5 at once!! He was slightly timid at first but because he trusts me decided to say hello to everyone. Within about 10 mins Elizabeth's younger sister was taking  him for a pick. I was so proud of him.

       Also because of all the stuff we had to work on he hadn't been on a float since he arrived. (It was a lesser priority). So we had a few practices/ reminders on float loading. We haven't done up the bum rail or ramp yet but he stands in the float with me. The thing is I do almost everything alone and at the moment when I leave his head he comes with me.

      Next week we need to work on standing in the float so I can do up the back. I would also like to see wether he is ready to have me sit on him yet.

      Thanks for your time

      Aussie and Jenny

P.S. We spent a few hours on Friday in the hill paddock  (@70 acres) with him wandering around while I wrote an update. He never wandered far and even checked on me once. When it was time to go I just walked up to him no problems. I like that he wanted to stay with me because he had plenty of other options.       

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