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Jenny grew up in a horse training family, but learnt early that she wanted to find kinder ways of training horses than what she saw around her.

She has worked hard to continue her 'horse education', and by 2012 found herself as the proud owner of three Brumbies, a mare, her newborn foal and her yearling gelding.

Jenny's passion for wild horses led her to enter the very first Australian Brumby Challenge in 2014, which partnered her with VBA Red Baron. She simply couldn't part with Baron at the end of the event and he is still her baby today.

Jenny is now a proud committee member of the Victorian Brumby Association, where she gets to actively help our wild ones in many ways.

The drawback is that as a committee member, she cannot compete in committee sanctioned events, such as the ABC. When VBA Aussies initial trainer withdrew, Jenny was delighted to step in and take Aussie on as a project.

Jenny will continue through the ABC with VBA Aussie and enter him in all finals classes at Equitana, however will not be eligible to place or win. She is just happy to be part of Aussies journey and help him find his forever home.

Weekly Training Updates

Join Jenny and VBA Aussie on their journey !

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VBA Aussie is an approximately 14hh flaxen chestnut gelding who was caught as a three year old in 2017 from the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. Aussie was running with a big bachelor group of stallions including several you will see in the Australian Brumby Challenge: VBA Ariat, VBA Nugget, VBA Wrangler, VBA Coolabah, VBA Brolga and VBA Levi!