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VBA cherry

VBA Cherry is an approximately 14.2hh chestnut mare from Bago State Forest in New South Wales. She was caught as a seven year old in 2017. Cherry was caught with several members of her family group, including VBA Feathers, who you will also see in the McDowells Herbal Australian Brumby Challenge and VBA Jill and VBA Camira, both of whose foals, VBA Bago and VBA Avena are in the Youth section of the McDowells Herbal Australian Brumby Challenge. Cherry was not in foal when she was captured, which is unusual for Brumby mares!

VBA Cherry's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Jess Smith

Jess Smith

From Violet Town, Victoria: Professional Trainer

Jess is the owner of Novella Park Performance Horses, her breaking and training business. Originally from the high country, Jess shares a great passion for our Brumbies. She enjoys their hardiness, versatility and trainable nature.

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