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Join Jessica and Galway on their journey !

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This week was really about Galway and I getting to know each other and to find out strengths and our weaknesses. With his very thoughtful temperament I decided I shouldn’t halter him until he “wants to be haltered “. The first thing I did was Galway is get him used to my presence. I used his hay in the centre of the paddock as the anchor and played approach and retreat. I mirrored his actions until I was able to sit on the hay in front of him. (Between everything I give him process time) While I was in that position I slowly brung the carrot stick round to his nose. After bumping it with his nose he decided it was good and I started rubbing him on the face and up the neck. During the rest of the week I rubbed his back and his rump. My next focus was hand touch (he was very aware of the difference between hand and stick) and so first all I did was but my hand In a fist and “nose bump” greeting with him. First he was cautious but eventually he was settled and I touched under his head, his neck and his back standing up and squatting. 
Overall I am really really pleased with his attitude, temperament and willingness to learn. When he is further educated I’m sure he will have fantastic work ethic in any discipline. I love him so much already and our relationship means he is already meeting me at the gate. He is awesome with horses being ridden, cars, goats ,quad bikes and any other norm at a farm. 
This is what we have covered this week :
- Touch carrotstick on the whole top Of his body
- Touch hand head,neck,back
- Standing by his shoulder (a weak point for him)
- Eating out of his steady neddy Haynet Like a pro
- Eating chaff
- Drinking out of a refillable trough(the noise is SO SCARY)haha
- Rope in a loop over his neck and walk a round his paddock like that
Goals for next week :
- Getting friendly with the halter
- Starting to brush 
- Carrotstick on legs, underbelly and hooves 
- Hand touch his rump and his legs
- Haltering