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Week 10 jess and VBA Galway

Wow!! It already half way through! I am so proud of Galway so far and he has really started to adapt into the ideal family pony.

A big thank you to Mt Barker Courier for publishing an article about us on Wednesday! it was utterly the best birthday present.

This week was great with VBA Galway. Earlier in the week the weather was wonderful and Galway and I had some plays in the arena. On Monday we cleared up some confusions he had with me “sending” him out into a circle. We broke it down in to bite size chunks, first singular fore-quarter yields, then sending slowly. energy, pointing toe, rope then stick. He really got the hang of it and could walk 2 circles each way. Because of his new cue “send” he is slowly becoming more confident with being sent over obstacles, through gates etc. this cue is key to his float loading training that I’ll be teaching him soon and he will be able to be more independent (more space between us) in many more situations. 

Galway is also shedding HEAPS which is a very messy process. Every morning (in nice weather) I take his rug off, brush him, feed him then open the gate into the large paddock.

The weather came in Thursday and Friday and he was extremely calm during this. Half a tree came down in the pony club next door and he wasn’t rattled at all.

Overall I am very happy with his progress and I need to up my game on the structure of his training for EQUITANA.

For more on our journey, please check out these media platforms:

Instagram: vba_galway // j_h_t_equine

Facebook page: Jessica klein- gibaud and VBA Galway

Thank you again to the sponsors of the event and the marvellous team behind the VBA for making this amazing opportunity happen.


Jess and VBA Galway J