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 Week 11 VBA Galway and Jess

This week had a good start. With nice weather and a chilled out little brumby I went through lessons I had already established to make sure we were on the same page. Is sending and circling has really improved, and he had his first trot lap on Monday. On Wednesday I introduced the wormer. I rubbed him with it, on his body then  face and muzzle. He though it was quite amusing and would nibble the wormer then turn away curling his lip. I squirted it into his mouth and I’m pretty sure he likes the taste. He would follow the tube for more paste, then waddle off to enjoy his dinner.

The weather came in later in the week making Galway quite highly strung. When he is like this, I just take my time to yield and relax him before the session. Nearly every session has left us feeling rewarded and it is a good feeling to experience with a little brumby.

Id like to re-thank the VBA Committee and the event sponsors for this awesome opportunity. Galway is also looking and feeling great with his wonderful supplements from McDowells herbal.

If you would like to see more footage of VBA Galway’s training or get in contact with me about our journey, check out these media platforms

Instagram: vba_galway // j_h_t_equine

Facebook page: VBA Galway and Jessica Klein-Gibaud

Until next week, jess and VBA Galway

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