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Week 12 update VBA Galway and jess

This week was positive in our training.

On Monday, Galway and I were working on refinement with his current skills like yielding and sending. He had a new found confidence (and the type that pushes boundaries) resulting him into reacting to pressure with rearing. at the beginning was quite intimidating because I wasn’t used to seeing him far larger then I, I stood my ground and broke the sending back into little (VERY CLEAR) pieces for him to mentally digest. I took the pressure off whenever he would step out calmly, circle and disengage correctly. When we came down back to his paddock, assessing his current state I decided to let him feel more boundaries by teaching “tie up”. Tying a horse up is steady pressure, when they yield to it, the can no longer feel it. When they lean against it, it just holds, and the horse inflicts the amount of pressure they receive. Galway is very clever and generally good with pressure, so I tied him with a double rap (hard tie) for him to work out. I stood a distance away, observing and making sure he didn’t get himself into trouble. In a couple minutes he understood the game and he yielded to the rope, I untied him and ended the session.

On Tuesday the weather came in bad and my gut told me to not even try to tackle down more of the information we explored the day before. sessions with Galway are about setting him up for success and there was no way it would of gone the way I wanted it in that situation.

Wednesday was good. I noticed he wasn’t only being quite pushing with me but also not respecting Taylor his paddock neighbour. Taylor is an alpha horse and so I decided to put them out in the big paddock together when I was at school. First when I let them go, Galway was constantly pestering Taylor and pushing on his space. Taylor quickly picked up on this and drove Galway around the paddock until they were at peace. I think I owe Taylor some credit in my trainer profile! Galway and I approached the arena again after a day off and his behaviour and work ethic had dramatically improved. We finished that session very well with an hour of grooming.

Thursday was another stepping stone with our main session between his paddock and the arena. He had regained his ‘dramatic’ character that he discovered on Monday. I worked with him. Slowly and clearly, ending the session on a high and positive note.

The warmth in the last couple days has made training sessions much more comfortable. Galway and I love to chill out in the sun when we aren’t learning something new and that is one of the things that keeps our relationship positive and strong.

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VBA Galway and Jess

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