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Week 15 update, jess and VBA Galway


This week was good with VBA Galway.

On Monday, an unfortunate thing happened. I was standing by the gate having a quick chat with my dad and Galway was wriggling around beside me. Bored, he grabbed the fence with is mouth and pulled back, cutting the gum on an angle behind one of his front teeth. We called the vet and he was sedated to make sure it would be ok. The vet supplied me with 5 days’ worth of anti-inflammatory / anti-bacterial medication and recommended we were to go easy with ground work.

I spent hours during the week of grazing with him and brushing him. His shedding has been very successful on his neck, shoulders and the front of his legs but the rest of his body seems to be endlessly hairy. Galway’s mane and tail is so soft and silky from the products I received from my sponsor, The Royal Mane. 

Galway also showed a new level of peace within his demeanour. He is much more content and restful, he gallops around the paddock with new found balance and he is more and more confident with me.

I was sitting in his yard thinking about how far he has come. As if he knew, he strode over and placed his muzzle on my cheek. his breathe warmed my cheeks and his eyes drooped asleep. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I couldn’t help but cry. After a while, he moved his head, grunted and lay down beside me. It was so gorgeous.

I have been practicing the compulsory movements from the classes that will be used at EQUITANA finals with my other horse harry.

Galway and I picked up on our regular groundwork later in the week and he had plenty of energy!

Please go check out The Royal Mane’s products and try it for yourself!


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Until next week,

Jess and Galway

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