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Week 16 update, VBA Galway and Jess 

This week with VBA Galway was interesting.

On Sunday we had a great play. We worked on our basic games, yields and patterns in the big paddock. I got out his saddle (treeless kids pad) and we played friendly with it before tacking him up. After that, I took him to the arena and we played with our leading for the pattern class, trot poles and jumping.

On Monday my coach came and she brung some gear to prepare/use for EQUITANA. We introduced Galway to the medium horse – ball, rattly hoola-hoop and pool noodles. He became confident quickly, happily having the ball bounced at his head and shoulders. I was also able to rest the hoola-hoop on his rump and shake it around his body.

The next couple days the weather came in, making training much less comfortable. Galway and I worked on continuing the neatening up of patterns.

On Thursday we saddled up again and started the session with circles, figure eights, falling leaf, jumping, poles and picking me up (no weight just bringing his barrel to me) from the mounting block. I reintroduced the horse ball and he showed to be a bit over confident turning the gentle nudging it around, into striking it and biting it. It was ok from a distance but when I was rolling it back and he nearly did it to me, so I stood my ground and drove him out of my space. He got pushy with the shoulder so I would fore quarter yield him out onto a circle, fore quarter yield stationary and ask his to stand parallel to me. It was a tough session when it comes down to softness and minimalism but it really improved the quality of the fore quarter yield que.

I also gave Galway and bath using my amazing products from The Royal Mane and we chilled out in the sun as he dried off.

Thank you McDowell’s herbal again for being super generous and providing Galway with another course of herbal products for the final stretch toward EQUITANA. The lesser the time, the more hands on I need to be with progressing this wonderful young horse to prepare him for the finals.


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Thank you for reading this update, VBA Galway and Jess J