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Week 17 update jess and VBA Galway

This week was good with Galway.

We started the week with consolidating our friendly game with the float. I squeezed him between the foot and me, we walked to ramp together, I sent him to the ramp, one foot on ,one off, two etc. he is now very confident with all this and the float is definitely a sweet spot for him.

On Monday I played with him then he was sedated and brung into the stable for a tooth x-ray. The vets wanted to make sure his adult tooth would come through correctly and when we looked at the shots, his mouth was beautifully in alignment. he coped well and proved himself to be a real snuggle bunny after the drugs had worn off.

On Tuesday the weather came in bad.  I lead him around the yard and disengaged his quarters plenty of times, keeping the session brief.

On Wednesday, my parents came back from America and I had a good play with Galway. Bending patterns, laterals, softening to pressure, hill work and refinement on basics were all things we worked on.

I am a lot more confident with the elements for my freestyle and now its about constructing it all.

On Thursday the weather was nice and we went up to the arena. Galway started off a bit frisky. He pushed on me a lot with the shoulder and when we work doing a more ‘complex’ pattern I got a bit frustrated and personally overreacted to his exaggeration toward my ques. I think I really got carried away in ‘perfecting’ and forgot to observe myself for clarity in my que and phases. I stopped. Stepped back and started again until I found a soft spot and gave him a big friendly break. I regrouped, and we went through each thing again. He was soft and beautiful with lead work, raised poles, jump, bridge, patterns, circles and ‘picking me up’ (no weight obvi) from the mounting block.

We all have once made the mistake of ‘shouting’ (escalating) a que and it is something to observe and learn from. I am forming a habit of saying aloud what I’m looking for/ wanting to achieve before executing the que and it has made training sessions make a bigger impression Galway’s consistency then ever before. I gave Galway his dinner, I groomed him and gave him a massage. Because of the many hours I’ve spent observing his body and progress (mental), I see many things. His physical condition improving, shedding hair, forming top line, growing in Hight, his hooves grow, get trimmed, growing again, his eyes softening, his body soften to my touch, his wild rigid stance, his stretchy, supple movement, everything I see I love and strive to mould and shape into a kindly trained horse. You buy a horse, or you make It . Things like putting my finger in his mouth to relieve tension, to defusing a horse that wants to explode, continue to improve my knowledge of the horse and the image in my mind.

I am writing an essay for my school project (on the Australian brumby challenge) and my open-ended question is, “how does the presence of a horse help us find ourselves?”  as I started to write, the words easily poured onto my page. I didn’t need research or anyone else to help me answer the question. All I needed to do was watch Galway mosey around his paddock in the lazy afternoon sun.

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Jess and Galway

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