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Week 18 update jess and VBA Galway

This week was fun and progressive with Galway.

On Monday, I started my play with Galway with the basic layout of my freestyle. He wanted to test boundaries a bit which meant I needed to be very clear, patient and observe to his responses.

He worked through my patterns well, bending and starting to stretch during circles.

I introduced an umbrella to Galway. With my previous experience of him turning gentle play into aggressive play with objects, I introduced the umbrella with a “push” approach in comparison to my “draw” approach I had before. I used the object to yield him, using the boundaries and pressure to make him, yes, confident, but also ask more questions in me. I think this went very successfully, making his mood calm, inquisitive, responsive and connected to me.

I also loaded him onto the float, without closing it in on him, just to stay friendly and slowly breach his current boundaries. I tested what he could do, asked him to do a bit more, found his threshold, went back to friendly. I make sure to take my time to break this down for him, so he is SUPER confident and happy with it.

On Tuesday, I did pattern practice, float loading and taught him a new game “point to point” or “touch it” and it is when I send him (driving) to find/touch an object with his nose. He found the bollards easily (they are tall) and after touching them and getting a scratch on the wither or rub on the shoulder, he knew exactly what I was asking. It took longer for him to find the cones (low to the ground). I would send him to find him and he’d stop and say to me” jess, there isn’t anything here?!” it wasn’t until I sat on the ground playing with the cone (not ideal haha), holding the cone up to his eye level and finally resending him to find it . When he did, he had a big blow out and yawn. It really got his mind ticking.

Wednesday, we did arena work, (some raised poles yay!) and loaded him onto the float (which was improving a tonne) before I stabled him for the night. He was first bit nervous with the brightness/darkness ( in comparison to outside) changing and seeing the other horses inside through the bars. Soon, as brumbies do, he adapted and happily went to bed with a hard feed and a hay net of Lucerne.

The rest of the week was about making stabling, floating and patterns common routine and practice and he really started to draw to his stall as a “happy place”.

I am really proud of this brum and I am excited for EQUITANA in 20ish days!


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Until next week,

Vba galway and jess 

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