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Week 19 update, VBA Galway and jess

This week was challenging.

Earlier in the week, I found it hard to communicate with Galway without offending him. He was a bit unresponsive, waiting to until phase ¾ to respond to ques and he was very irritable during training.

I decided to expand his knowledge of the world and put him in a situation to see if he would rely on me for reassurance when he felt overwhelmed.

On Monday, my coach haltered up my TB x ARP (harry) and we (Grace, Harry, Galway and I) went for a trail walk up Mount Barker Summit. At the beginning, he continued to be in a dominant and ignorant state of mind. It wasn’t until we were past our paddocks and on the way that he softened and relaxed. We went up, stopped for a graze and turned around, spending all the time he needed to stay relaxed and connected.

He did try to test my leadership in different spots. Pushing on me with his shoulders to try to get me to yield. Whenever I put him back on track, he relaxed, and we were much more peaceful.

Galway was super quiet with cars, a runner and a truck along the way. He was at first frightened by the cattle, but soon showed that he was more concerned about my guidance in the situation then spooking at the object. To show him my confidence and help his trust, I put myself between him and the cattle and refused to be yielded by him. I didn’t move until he responded to my ques and relaxed. After answering the question “should I trust you?” on a deeper level, I had improved his relaxation and our partnership.

When we got home, Galway was loaded onto the float with harry and stayed there for 20 mins eating and “cooling down” after our walk.

Galway know knows everything he needs to know to be successful at EQUITANA, so we are throttling back a bit to ensure he doesn’t feel mentally burnt out. He will now be having a couple days off/ passive training during the week.

Wednesday was Galway’s birthday! My beautiful brumby is now one!

I am really looking forward to taking Galway on a trip on the weekend! We will be taking him to meet my 3yo warmblood (who is in preparation for being broken in) and this excursion will involve many different horses and environments.

A massive thank you to our sponsor The Royal Mane for the beautiful products in which he was washed with this week.

Until next week (the last week WOW)

Jess and VBA Galway 

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