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Week two brumby update, VBA Galway and jess.

This week the weather turned on us so I was very proud of how Galway managed learning in the wind. This week on Monday, I started playing with him after he had finished his food.

I would stand at his shoulder and rub him with the stick and as he moved away I would follow and repeat. As soon as he stood to be touched I rewarded him with a mental 7 sec break then asked the question again.

On Tuesday, I had my first real challenge with Galway. I woke up early and decided I’d feed him after my session. Turns out, training a young teenager on an empty stomach isn’t a good plan. First, he approached me and let me pat him and I was really happy so I slipped out the yard and picked some grass. I walked into the centre of the yard with him following then gave him the grass. I walked off again and he followed but, this time I stopped with no grass in my hand and I stretched out my hand to pat him. I stroked his nose then he turned around and bucked off. I thought it was funny the first time because he wasn’t unconfident so to me it looked like he was burning some energy. Turns out he came again, and before I was able to touch him, he was kicking out at me with both hind legs. I was in a sticky spot because I had just dropped my stick on the other side of the yard before stroking him the time before. I slowly backed out the gate and fed him then I came later to resolve. I rang my mentor and spoke about different ways to handle the situation.

Now he was on a full stomach and much more his usual self, yet he had learned he could push me around. so, when he came to do it again, before he could make me move I held the stick horizontally across his face and applied slow pressure. He backed up and had a lick and chew. Now he sees us more as partners and neither him or I are pushing each other around. Besides talking about issues, (which is a very important part of training) we covered many good things this week. Since our challenge, Galway has been very sweet and affectionate. Mutual grooming my stick while I rub him with my hand, and nuzzling my cheek. he is also familiar with getting to know the halter. I have been using a savvy string (then halter) and rubbed him with it, looped it around his neck down by the ears (held with two hands not tied) and asked him to give me inside flexion. He responded really well and will practically be haltering himself for me ! J he can also have the string swung over him and he loves a good groom.

Summery of things we covered :

Flexion/bend through neck with steady pressure
Forequarter yields
Backing up with steady pressure
That hard feed is super yummy! J[thanks hills farm supplies!]
Friendly game with halter
We have the start of a hopefully strong bond
He is being brushed like a pro (neck, shoulders ,back)

Goals for next week :

Brushing rump
Hind quarter yields

Thank you again colleen! I love this little man !

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