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Week 20 update, VBA Galway and jess

Oh, my, goodness

We have finally reached the last update and the closure of the challenge.

What a wonderful learning experience this has been and I am so grateful to have done this challenge.

This week was very positive.

Galway and I went on an excursion. Galway loaded well and travelled quietly. When we arrived, he easily backed out of the trailer and we had a great groundwork session on the arena. This was the first time we have done pedistool work, but the same principles applied to it as hunt the jump.

During the rest of the week we did lots of refinement.

Some days I worked on lightning ques with more of a “drive” feel.

I used a flag and we did quite advanced patterns. Getting him to bend throughout his ribcage and step away with his shoulder.

I also had plays during the week that were the softest and most responsive they have ever been. Galway’s liberty is also really progressing, and I am super impressed with what an amazing little horse he has turned into.

Galway’s mentality and physical way of being has changed so dramatically for the good and compared to the first update, he is very advanced in his training for a young horse and a cant wait to break him in (when he is four)

Over all, I feel like we are as ready as we can be for EQUITANA and so excited!!

I want to thank my amazing parents, for providing me with this amazing experience, nurturing my passion for horses and purchasing my brumby. I honestly adore the love and time you put into my horses and I am so so grateful to have such amazing people close by me.

I want to thank my great sponsor, The Royal Mane for providing me with beautiful products that have only added to the amazing transformation of my brumby.

Thank you to the event sponsors for supporting this event!

 And thank you to the VBA for being passionate in protecting and rehoming the brumbies.

Thank YOU for ready these updates and


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