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Week 4 – VBA Galway

A huge thank you to The Royal Mane for sponsoring VBA Galway and I through this journey.

This week started well. Galway has reached another learning chapter in our journey and I’m proud of his improvement. Monday was spent consolidating leading and catching. He was very confident and executed everything I asked with ease. Galway is also showing more affection day by day and enjoys a scratch from people going past. I worked on incorporating his hooves and tail in my grooming routine and his condition is looking much better.

On Tuesday a stormy front hit the hills and Galway was brave in the strong wind. The middle of the week had horrible weather and he took it easy, resting in his yard sheltered by the trees. Thursday afternoon was spent grooming and cleaning up his coat from the weather and he enjoyed the small window of sunshine before dusk.

Friday’s session was great. He haltered well and lead around the paddock easily. He improved with his tail and hooves.

Thank you to McDowells Herbal for the fantastic products and I am very grateful for your generosity.

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Till next week, jess and VBA Galway


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