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 Week 6 Jessica and VBA Galway

This week we took it nice and easy. With strange weather and paddock switching, our property was bustling with energy. Galway was a great student this week as we worked with hooves as the main focus. I started by just touching the hooves (as a complete friendly) and did this until he was super chilled. Soon after that, I looped a rope around his leg, friendly friendly , until it was appropriate to apply light pressure. He lifted his leg and I rewarded him. We also worked on the concept of hind quarter yields, making these clear and a point of relaxation. We continued this throughout the week.

Galway is improving daily with condition and his coat shows some shine after grooming. He has also started to eat apples (prefers red over green)  and shows to have quite a sweet tooth.

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Until next week, VBA Galway and jess