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Week 7 update, VBA Galway and Jess

This week, Galway and I focused on the skills needed for practical use. I am now holding his front hooves up for longer periods of time and his hind hooves can be brushed with a hoof pick.

One of my main focuses was introducing his rug. I started this on Tuesday after a great explore and hoof play in Monday. The wind was intense and the rug flagged in the wind. That session, I only left it on the fence next to his hay net to get used to. He started by bolting around the paddock, high on adrenaline.  soon after he was sniffing the rug curiously and started to relax, that’s when I rewarded him and put it away.

On Wednesday we had a great play, assessing our yields and hoof work. At the end, before he was too mentally tired, I got the rug out and had a main goal of rubbing him with it. I started at the head, making my way down to the shoulder. Slowly I placed it over his withers and released. I repeated this enough to be easy and calming.

From that, the next day I could place it over his back and do it up. I left him to eat dinner with his new rug on.

Next week my  main focuses are on :

Further farrier prep
Possibly taking him in the arena
Introducing new elements for our freestyle

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Instagram: vba_galway

Facebook page :  VBA Galway and Jessica klein-gibaud

If you have any questions about our journey or ways you can get involved with us please message me on any of these accounts.

Till next week, jess and VBA Galway