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Week 8 update, Jess and VBA Galway

This week started well for Galway and I.

Earlier in the week I took Galway up into the arena for a play. We started by walking around, looking at then touching objects. Galway was brave with the tyres, blue barrels, raised poles, mounting block and other surroundings. We worked on yielding in the arena, forequarter and hindquarters to keep him calm and supple. Before leaving we made our way around the obstacles, raised poles, barrel weaving, squeeze through narrow poles and standing on a rubber mat.

Throughout this week, I’ve been letting Galway out into the big paddock during the day and yarding him at night (to keep sufficient food intake) and assess his catching. He comes straight to me when I call him and lets me slip the halter of his nose easily, whilst keeping inside flexion. I have also been practicing putting his rug on and off through the week with a couple sunny days. He is really improving with hoof handling and I was able to pick up his hinds. I am also teaching him more rhythmic pressure aids, back up (side on and front on), and introducing rhythmic hind quarter yields.

Overall I am really happy with his progress, he soaks up every lesson like a little sponge. He is very affectionate and always looking for my leadership in new or challenging situations.

Overall achievements:

Hind hooves (basic lift, hold)
Taking his rug on and off
Rhythmic pressure aids 
First arena work
Turning him out into a large paddock

Goals for next week

The farrier is trimming his hooves
Teaching the basic form for some moves for our freestyle
Continue installing float ques

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Until next week,

VBA Galway and Jess