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Week 9 jess and VBA Galway

This week stared amazingly with VBA Galway. On Saturday the farrier came to do all the trims. I had no expectations for Galway getting the farrier to give him a pat to say hello then gently pick up his hooves. First he kept checking in with me as if to say “are you sure its alright” I would rub him on the cheek for reassurance. He quickly relaxed, letting the farrier cut, rasp and rest all four feet on the stand. He was super relaxed with his hinds which made me proud of all the effort in getting him friendly with touching the hooves.

His big paddock catching is really good and easy, he is started to pay attention/ come when I whistle for him and nickers when I meet him at the gate.

I’m also taking him up to the arena and working on his training up there. his rhythmic pressure aids have really improved and on Tuesday I started to teach send and circle. Later in the week I gave him a small bath (bucket and sponge) and he let me rug him loose in the paddock (halter-less) all these things are coming along because of his growing trust for me.

Galway has really come a long way and is extremely affectionate with me now. I am very proud of him, his efforts to learn and his handling of day to day situations.

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Have a great week, VBA Galway and jess J

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