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Jessica klein-gibaud

Aged 13, from Mt Barker, South Australia

Since being a little girl, I have always loved and had a special connection with horses. My mother tells stories of her leading a horse next to my pram and me playing in the sand while she was riding.

I have been lucky to have had structured lessons since I was seven years old.

The biggest lesson that I have learnt is that my horses mirror what is currently happening in my life. I have realised how lucky I am to have found my passion so young. Training and competing with my horses is truly my reason for living.

VBA galway

VBA Galway is a bay filly, whose mother, VBA Precious was caught from Kosciuszko National Park in August 2017. Precious  was one of a group of mares who ended up at saleyards and sold for slaughter until she was discovered by the committee of the Victorian Brumby Association, purchased and brought back to our sanctuary to foal in peace.

VBA Galway's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Jessica Klein-Gibaud.