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Kelly and Shyla - Week 1

Shyla is the most thoughtful Brumby, and does everything very slow and sensibly. She has an amazing brain and really engages and thinks things through. Her way of coping with humans is by 'hiding' and during the first two days she refused to look at me, but rather than asking too much, I slowed things right down to give her time to think over life and re-engage. Shyla is very kind by nature and is one of the quietest wild horses I have ever worked with. She was the first to venture out of the yards and explore the property, she was very brave and although alert, never once tried to leave.

In Shyla’s first week she has been haltered, taught to lead, tie up and can be brushed all over. Has ventured outside the yards and began work on obstacles, stepping over logs and up onto a platform. She has also had a cover lain over her back and a surcingle on as well as having her legs washed off.  

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