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Kelly and Shyla - Week 11

This week my focus has been having fun and we’ve had two awesome beach rides. Each beach ride we generally choose between the showjumpers or wild horses, as this determines the speed we go on the ride; the first ride this week was for the showjumpers, and one of the kids said ‘Kelly you can still ride Shyla, she’s a normal horse now’. It made me reflect back over the journey so far and it’s hard to believe it was only 10 weeks ago she was wild – she is just like a regular kids pony now. Since then we had a fun ride on the arena, bareback, and explored down the river and jumped a log in the trees, then the next day 8-year-old Shanti had her first ride on her and cantered around the arena and over a few 70cm walls. Then back to the beach again today for another magical ride. Shyla has also learnt to lay down and like everything else within minutes she understood the question, folded her legs and lay in the sand beside me for 10 minutes – pretty special pony.

Sometimes I read over my updates and it sounds like I gloss over things and make her sound like the dream pony but these are honest updates, she really is just so sweet, willing and uncomplicated and I consider myself very lucky to be sharing this adventure with her.


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