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Kelly and Shyla - Week 12

This super pony started the week with a massage and getting checked over by over Equine Skeletal Therapist, then has been having a much deserved week without humans! She and Ballarat are enjoying a holiday in a large bush paddock, complete with lots of grass and a river to play in – it’s lovely watching them in the distance from my bedroom window. Even though she’s had lots of mini holidays, I’m making a point to leave her completely to her wild ways – although she makes it difficult as she comes up for cuddles when I check and feed them twice a day. Yesterday I found her dragging her cover, the second one she’s destroyed, so I think I have found her vice.

With lots of spare time, since she’s not being worked, I have been brainstorming for ideas for our freestyle – we have such an awesome idea for a costume inspired from seeing the Brumbies in the wild last time I was in Aussi!


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